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ACAO Membership Elects Inaugural

 Officers and Board of Directors!

The 2014 Annual Meeting of the American Council of Education saw the official launch of ACAO, with the election of inaugural officers and directors and the approval of association bylaws.  Please click here for details about these actions and other matters addressed at the ACAO Business Meeting.  

The Association of Chief Academic Officers (ACAO) serves the Chief Academic Officers of member institutions by providing a forum for the development of academic affairs best practices, affording CAO members an environment in which they can discuss current academic issues of importance, and offering CAOs and other senior academic administrators an opportunity to communicate with, inform, and educate one another. ACAO is organized exclusively for educational and charitable purposes. Activities and programs sponsored by ACAO support the professional development of CAOs and other academic administrators who aspire to become CAOs. ACAO is an organization of CAOs helping, supporting, and educating CAOs.

The idea for an organization for chief academic officers was born among a small group of academic VPs who attended the 2012 ACE annual meeting...  Read More

ACAO’s operations are run through and by committees.  The following are the existing committees and those who have interest in any of the committees should...  Read More

ACAO held its inaugural business meeting at the 2012 ACE Annual Meeting. An informational overview was provided for CAOs in attendance...  Read More
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